Kempley Parish Council Meeting - 5th July 2007

My apologies! Due to an oversight there has been a lack of reports of Council Meetings this year. These reports will now resume on a bi-monthly basis.

Parish Website: Tony Greenway has kindly agreed that we can attach a Council website to his Daffodil website. Copies of a suggested format were circulated to Councillors for comment. Hopefully the site will be up and running soon.

Gas Pipeline: The work seems to be progressing with little disruption to villagers. Some concern has been raised with regard to contractors litter and some excessive speeds in the lanes. The Council are contacting the contractors with these concerns.

Highways: Despite letters from the Council, Gloucestershire County Council continue to advise that the road through Kempley is not considered to be a high priority for resurfacing. On the positive side they have advised that the broken barrier on the Much Marcle road will be repaired during the summer.

Annual Assembly: A number of the points raised at the annual meeting will be taken up by the Council - in particular the Council have written to the Ambulance Service in respect of the poor response times.

Councillors: Just to remind you who your Parish Councillors are:

  • Simon Hanes (Chairman)
  • Glynn Bennett
  • Liz Daykin
  • Mike Mason
  • Edward Peck
  • Simon Roberts
  • George Young

Mike Cryer - Parish Council Clerk

Tel: 01531 890163


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