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 St Edwards Church

Church of St. Edward the Confessor, Kempley, 1904 - architecturally interesting as designed and constructed by local craftspeople.

The church of St. Edwards was planned by the Lord of the Manor and major landowner, the 7th earl of Beauchamp, because the old parish church of St. Mary's was too far away from the main centres of population at Kempley Green and Fishpool, and also the site of St. Mary's was liable to flooding. In 1902 the foundations were laid. In 1903 Randall Wells. clerk of works at Brockhampton was called in and the church was built by direct labour under his supervision. R. James a local builder was the foreman. The walls of the church and the lynchgate are in Forest of Dean red sandstone. Originally the church and the lynchgate were both roofed in local stone tiles but the church has had to be reroofed with pantiles.

The church has three sculpted stone reliefs designed by Randall Wells, above the entrance, Christ by Wells and a local carpenter. Within the porch, Virgin and Child, and on the East wall, the Crucifixion, both by Walter James, a local carpenter.

The church should be open from approximately 9am to 4pm every day - although there may be occasions when this is not so, if churchwardens have a timing problem, or if the weather is particularly bad during the winter.

St Edwards services are as follows:
  First Sunday of the month, Community Service (non Eucharistic) at 10am.
  Second Sunday - Holy communion at 9.30am
  Third Sunday - no service
  Fourth Sunday - Holy communion at 9.30am.


A mile from the village hall and St Edward's church, view the frescos at St. Mary's church, the oldest in this country

Tours of St Mary's and St Edward's  www.kempleytardis.org.uk/visiting.php

By kind permission of Muriel Thurston, the Friends of Kempley Churches have produced a limited edition of 50 high quality prints of each of the watercolour paintings of St. Mary’s Church and St. Edwards Church by the late Mike Thurston of Newent. These will be on sale on behalf of the Friends and Sheppard House in Newent. The A3 unmounted prints will be available. Ring 01989 720 698.

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