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There is a really interesting website www.gloucestershirepast.net - this includes information about manors, economic, social and religious history, local government For example it says that twenty four people were recorded in Kempley Manor in 1086 and fifteen persons were assessed for tax in the parish in 1327 - it goes on from there......

Friends of Kempley Churches

The Friends of Kempley Churches was set up in the early 1990’s to manage the 12th century Grade I*-listed church of St Mary on behalf of English Heritage into whose gift it had been assigned by the then Secretary of State for the Environment.

The “Friends” was registered as a charity in 2005 having assumed a wider role in village life. The objectives of The Friends are to promote, encourage, develop and disseminate knowledge of the history, heritage and environment of the churches of Kempley and the involvement of the churches with villagers and residents of the surrounding area; to provide support for the realistic financial needs of the churches; and, to liase appropriately with English Heritage concerning the structure, contents and environment of St Mary’s Church.

Membership of The Friends is open to all residents of the Parish of Kempley, Gloucestershire and to those who live outside the Parish who have an interest in the heritage of Kempley Churches. A subscription, currently 5.00 pa, is payable annually to the Membership Secretary.

The management of The Friends is vested in the hands of a Management Committee consisting of a Chairman, Secretary, and Treasurer and up to five (5) other Trustees, together with a representative of the clergy of the Parish. In addition, there are two non-Trustee positions of Membership Secretary and Minutes Secretary. The Trustees are appointed by the members at the AGM, usually held in late February.

The Friends raise funds for the churches through the organisation of concerts and other events, by sale of literature and postcards about the churches and by giving talks to visiting parties. We welcome pre-booked coach parties of people who are interested in the social and religious history of Kempley, its churches, farms and people and especially those with an interest in the architecture and artefacts of our churches of St Mary (12C) and St Edward the Confessor (20C).

Friends of Kempley Churches  www.kempleytardis.org.uk/friends.php

Kempley Guestbook   www.kempleytardis.org.uk/guestbook.php

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    Literary associations are nearby: Several houses in the Dymock area were occupied by members of a group of friends known as the Dymock Poets. The American poet, Robert Frost stayed there with his family in 1914. John Masefield was not one of the Dymock Poets, but the eponymous daffodil fields of his own poem were nearby.

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    Hellens Manor, located in the heart of the village is a monument to much of England’s history since 1096 when the manor was granted to the De Balun family who were witnesses to the Magna Carta. It contains a wealth of period furnishings, paintings and decorations as well as Tudor Gardens. Roger Mortimer who killed Edward II came here often. It was the home of Sir James Audley, a close friend of the black prince. Queen Mary visited when still a princess. - www.statelyhomes.com

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    Church of Saint Bartholomew with its 13th century nave, 14th century alter tomb of Blanch Grandison and tombs of several members of the Kyrle family.


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Sollers Hope

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